8 Ways to Advertise Your New Direct Sales Business Online

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When it comes to starting a new Direct Sales home business, there are many things you can do immediately to start promoting your business online.

Here are a few ideas that you can start today that don’t cost a lot of money.

1. Set up signature tags in your email program. Make sure every outgoing piece of email has your new web site link attached to the bottom of it.

2. If you belong to any online forum boards or networking groups, update your forum profiles to include your new business link and update your forum signature tags.

3. Find a few online web sites that have similar content to yours. Contact those site owners about doing a link exchange. It is very important to only exchange links with similar web sites.

4. Start a free business blog. There are many sites online that offer free blogs, Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blogging platforms online. It important for your blog to provide valuable information that you think your customers or blog visitors will want to read.

5. If you are not already networking on the popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn or Ning, I suggest you pick one or two of those sites and set up a profile page. You will want to include your personal and business information on your profile and then get busy posting and making some new business contacts.

6. Get your business listed in a few online business directories. You can go to any online search engine and do a keyword search to find directories that appeal to you and your needs. Some of these directories will charge a small fee to get listed and some will require a link exchange.

7. If you enjoy writing, you can try your hand at article marketing. You don’t need to be a professional writer, you just need good spelling and grammar skills. For article marketing to work, you need to write quality articles within your business niche. Once you have completed a few articles, submit them to a few article directories.

8. Contest sponsoring is another great way to get your business name and products out onto the world wide web. To find them, go to your favorite search engine and do a keyword search for contests, sweepstakes and blog contests. You don’t need to donate a big expensive prize, a lot of the web sites looking for sponsors, usually except a prize donation of less than $25.00 retail cost.

When it comes to advertising your new Direct Sales home business online, it is important to educate yourself on what works and doesn’t work. You can find numerous online web sites with Direct Sales articles and business tips to help guide you on a successful advertising path.

Start Your Small Home Business to Get Residual Earnings

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Running a Home Business – The Pros and Cons

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During our pursuit of the mighty dollar, it’s difficult to find stability (let alone get ahead), so many people look in to running a home business. In my opinion, running a home business is the most viable option, simply because the alternatives aren’t very promising. Getting ahead using say, a job, requires serious, long-term financial planning, strong discipline when it comes to spending, and if you want to maintain an extravagant lifestyle after retirement, an additional source of income. No wonder why so many people have their antennas out looking for ways to make money running a home business.

First, let’s consider the cons:

Home business overload – since there are literally thousands of ways to make money from home, you can get pretty overwhelmed when looking for one that’s suitable for you. If you are plugging in to a turn-key home business, many opportunities are going to give you pretty high claims about what it can do for you. Most of the time they’re telling the truth, if the business has great leadership, a sound product or service, you put in the necessary work, and you are willing to invest in the growth and development of yourself.

Discipline – You cannot build a home business working 5 hours per week! People just starting out in the home business world are told this all the time, and it is a huge fallacy. The sad reality is that when these people don’t see the results they originally expected, they either move on to another, ‘better’ business, or quit the hunt all together. You have to take consistent, daily, business-building action in order to see the results. If you do anything less, you’ll get disheartened and want to quit without having given your business a fair shot.

On to the good stuff, the pros:

Tax write-off’s – It’s true, owning even a home business let’s you experience one of the advantages of the rich. Let me explain. Let’s say you use a home phone and your computer to run your home business online. Because you pay for an internet and home phone bill while doing business, you’d be entitled to deduct those expenses from the income you generated throughout the year. This, in turn, lowers the amount of tax you have to pay come tax season, and we both know that taxes are the greatest of all your expenses. Pretty cool huh!

Flexibility – what greater way to work on your business than on your own time! You set your own schedule, you determine how many hours you want to put in per week, and you get to decide when and how much you want to expand. An added benefit is you get to determine the ways in which you generate business, not your company. Whether you excel at direct sales, online marketing, creating flyers, etc, you’re not limited to performing just one duty to make money like you would in a regular job.

More money – If you do it right, you will be compensated handsomely, which is the whole reason you started a home business in the first place! The amount of income you generate depends entirely on your niche, current market conditions, your marketing approach, your personal skill set, your product or service, and most importantly, the amount of value you bring to the marketplace.

After reading this, I truly do hope you consider venturing into the home business world. There is something electrifying about taking charge of your life and not being a victim of circumstance (i.e. the economy, downsizing.) When running a home business, you get to put your head down at night knowing that you’re truly getting paid what you’re worth.